High Times speaks with Dr. Huber on Detroit's recent win at the ballot box to decriminalize psychedelics

By TripSitter.ClinicMay 16, 2022

High Times recently ran a story titled "Detroit Approves Psychedelics Decriminalization Ballot Measure" which details the city's successful decriminalization efforts at the ballot box.

The measure celebrated a resounding win with 61% of voters approving the decriminalization of naturally occurring psychoactive plants such as mescaline, ayahuasca, psilocybin and dimethyltryptamine (DMT).

Tripsitter.Clinic's, Dr. John Huber celebrated Detroit's success:

“We are seeing a steady trend underway of local municipalities voting to decriminalize the therapeutic use of entheogenic plants, Dr. John Huber, CEO of TripSitter Clinic, a ketamine telemedicine clinic that has recently become available in Michigan, told High Times in an email.

“The passage of this ballot measure in Detroit represents where everyday people are at as it relates to embracing non-traditional modalities of healing,” Huber added. “Every local decriminalization law which passes serves to create a more equitable society: one that doesn’t judge or punish individuals for embarking on their own journey of healing.”

Read the full article by A.J. Herrington at High Times




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