Tripsitter.Clinic featured in The New York Times piece, "The Ketamine Cure"

By TripSitter.ClinicMay 17, 2022

TripSitter.Clinic was mentioned in The New York Times piece, "The Ketamine Cure", a survey of at-home ketamine therapy clinics that are broadening access to breakthrough depression therapy.

At-home ketamine therapy is inching into the public consciousness in the same way that brick and mortar ketamine infusion clinics did several years back. David Dodge of The New York Times profiles a patient who has long struggled with chronic depression but found profound relief after his first ketamine therapy treatment. The article dives into the distinction between IV therapy and at-home models which utilize oral ketamine tablets and/or intranasal spray. Safety is also discussed at length, particularly analyzing the side effect profile of low dose ketamine therapy and whether the therapy has evolved to accommodate self-administration.

Read the full article by David Dodge at The New York Times



By harnessing breakthrough, evidence-based psychedelic therapeutics and the latest clinical tools of virtual medicine, TripSitter.Clinic empowers patients to embark on a personalized, physician-directed treatment plan designed to give you the sustained relief you need from debilitating mental health conditions while opening up new pathways to healing.

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