TripSitter.Clinic Launches New App for At-Home Ketamine Therapy

By TripSitter.Clinic • June 8, 2022

TORONTO, June 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ - TripSitter Clinic Ltd. (CSE: KETA) (FSE: UY0) ("TripSitter" or the "Company"), today announced the official launch of the TripSitter App, a simple and free App that makes it easy for users to access TripSitter Clinics' services.

CEO of TripSitter Clinic, Dr. Huber stated: "we are delighted to announce our new App launch which will enable users with a convenient platform for patients to connect to a doctor, and then be guided along their psychedelic healing journey with specially trained Tripsitters.



By harnessing breakthrough, evidence-based psychedelic therapeutics and the latest clinical tools of virtual medicine, TripSitter.Clinic empowers patients to embark on a personalized, physician-directed treatment plan designed to give you the sustained relief you need from debilitating mental health conditions while opening up new pathways to healing.

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