Subscription plans

Our plans are 60% more affordable than ketamine infusion therapy.

  • Ketamine-Enhanced Therapy Access

    $599 / month

    Medical evaluation with your prescribing physician

    Prescribed medication shipped to your door

    Pre-medication preparation session with a trained specialist

    Connect with a Tripsitter for treatment sessions

    Integration sessions to support you between doses — either one-on-one or in groups — with your Tripsitter

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  • Psycholytic Therapy Access

    $1199 / month

    Everything in the Ketamine-Enhanced Therapy Access Plus:

    Increased number of doses at a lower dose

    Combined Treatment + Coaching sessions.


“When people think of ketamine therapy, they tend to think of it in the context of treating depression or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Ongoing wars, interpersonal trauma, and serious life-threatening experiences”

Lacara Jones