Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)

Major depressive disorder is the scientific name given to depression. Depression is one of the most common mental health issues, and it describes a generally low mood state. Depression can present in a wide variety of ways, with some of the most common symptoms including feelings of hopelessness, a loss of interest in activities that used to bring pleasure, and a general feeling of discontent. People may have short tempers with those around them, and they may experience changes in their sleep schedules and eating habits. Individuals who suffer from feelings of depression need to seek the care of a trained mental health professional. There are a variety of treatment options for depression, but the backbone treatment is usually therapy. SSRIs can also be given as a treatment option for depression. In severe cases of depression, people can present with suicidal ideation, and some even attempt suicide. The treatment of depression is usually supervised by a trained medical professional, with particularly difficult cases of depression being treated by a psychiatrist. Other natural treatments can be effective in the management of depression as well, including exercise, changes in diet, and improved sleep hygiene. There are situations where someone might suffer from treatment-resistant depression, which could benefit from treatment with a psychedelic compound.