MK Ultra, which is often referred to as Project MKUltra, refers to a series of illegal human experiments that were undertaken by the Central Intelligence Agency, or CIA. The overall goal of the program was to identify drugs, such as LSD, that could be administered and interrogations to weaken people's resistance to the person asking the question. Then, after identifying potential targets, these drugs would be a minister to captured spies and prisoners in an effort to extract information from them. Ultimately, the project used a variety of questionable methods to overcome someone's mental state, including psychological torture and brainwashing. Examples of tactics that were used by the people in the program include hypnosis, electroshocks, psychoactive drugs (such as LSD), isolation, and sensory deprivation. The project was stopped in 1973. The project was brought to public attention by 1975, and some of the documents have been made public. This has led to an in-depth examination of the program and a significant degree of controversy.