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Is Ketamine Therapy Legal in Kentucky?

Ketamine has been approved by the federal government for off-label use for almost fifty years. It was originally compounded in the 1960s. But in 1970, the FDA approved ketamine as an anesthetic. It was first used to treat injured soldiers in the Vietnam war.

When prescribed by a physician licensed to practice in Kentucky, ketamine use for off-label treatments is legal. The physician completes a thorough health evaluation before prescribing the ketamine in a nasal spray or tablet for the patient.

What Kind of Health Conditions Qualify for Ketamine Treatments?

For a physician to prescribe ketamine for off-label use, the doctor must indicate that other treatment methods did not work. Patients who have treatment-resistant forms of depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and OCD may benefit from doctor-supervised ketamine treatments.

For patients who have tried every kind of medication or therapeutic approach to resolving symptoms, ketamine represents a new and affordable option. The TripSitter.Clinic physician will conduct a health evaluation to review your health history and make sure that ketamine does not conflict with any medications or supplements you are currently taking.

How is the Ketamine Dose Administered?

Physicians can prescribe ketamine for in-home use by two methods: a tablet or a nasal spray. Both types of administrations are ‘low dose’. That means the average psychoactive length of the ketamine will be 1-2 hours.

Since you are at home, you will feel more comfortable. You should choose a quiet and safe room and surround yourself with positive things. Your favorite blanket, pictures or other things that remind you of good memories. Your ketamine therapy will be supervised for your safety by video (telemedicine). A responsive and trained practitioner will be able to see and hear you during your session.

How Do You Feel After a Ketamine Treatment?

Following a ketamine treatment, patients can feel very tired. That is why it is recommended that first-time patients take the rest of the day off, after the ketamine session. Patients should hydrate with water and consider resting or taking a nap.

The physician will develop a treatment plan. That can mean more frequent ketamine sessions at the beginning, which taper off after a set period. Usually within 1-3 months. Next, the physician will recommend ongoing maintenance therapies if ketamine treatments have helped. Maintenance appointments may be quarterly, or biannual depending on the needs of the patient.