A new approach to achieving your breakthrough

Get Started

Get Approved for Treatment

Start your path to healing in a video conference with a licensed physician who will put together a custom treatment plan for your specific needs and goals.


Get Paired With Your Tripsitter

If approved for treatment, take a compatibility questionnaire and get paired up with a psychedelic Tripsitter. Your dedicated Tripsitter will help you prepare and support you during your treatment sessions, as well as assist you in creating goals, setting intentions, identifying obstacles to your growth and exploring insights from your experience.


Schedule Your First Sessions

Once you're approved for treatment and have been paired with a Tripsitter, go to the patient portal to schedule a preparation session and your first treatment session. Preparation and treatment sessions with a Tripsitter are required for all new patients.


Receive Your Medication

If your doctor approves a ketamine treatment plan for you, they will write a prescription that goes to our compounding pharmacy. Your specific, customized medication is made on-demand, just for you.

On average, patients receive their medication within 4 days


Treatment Day

You will receive a reminder notification at the time of your treatment and access the patient portal to begin your session at the scheduled time. Your Tripsitter will support you to have a safe and meaningful experience.


Integration Day

Meet with your Tripsitter to help you make sense of your ketamine experiences, coach you on working through obstacles and bring your insights to life.


Ongoing Treatment

After completing two weeks of treatment sessions, you will begin to settle into the flow of the therapy, notice shifts within yourself, and with the support of your Tripsitter, process your experiences with a heightened clarity and coach you on working through obstacles in your life. At the end of each month, meet with your physician to renew your prescription, make any adjustments, and evaluate your individual treatment goals. If at any time during the month that adjustments are needed or any concerns arise, you can always reach the TripSitter.Clinic support team.


Forging Ahead

A mental reset can be a wonderful catalyst to improving your outlook, understanding yourself on a deeper level, and integrating healthy practices into your life. Experiencing a renewed sense of relief and stability can be life-altering but we each have a lifelong path to follow in our quest towards overall wellness.