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Psychedelics 101

We are in the midst of a revolution in mental health care thanks to the promise of breakthrough psychedelic therapies such as DMT, Cannabis, Ketamine, LSD, and Psilocybin.

Psychedelic Glossary

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  • Afterglow
  • Accelerated Approval
  • Ayahuasca
  • Agonist
  • Acid
  • Active Placebo
  • Anxiolytic



Afterglow is usually used to refer to the positive mental and physical effects that someone experiences after the original effects of a drug have subsided. Typically, this term is used in association with hallucinogens, including psychedelics. Individuals typically have more energy and feelings of freedom during an afterglow. Some of the most common experiences include an increased state of confidence, a feeling of relaxation, difficulty falling asleep, and a feeling of being clean. Not every drug causes an afterglow, but drugs that lead to an afterglow typically lead to these effects after the comedown phase. Individuals who experience an afterglow often describe a mystical or transcendental experience that cleanses them of negative energy and causes them to feel more alive.

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“When people think of ketamine therapy, they tend to think of it in the context of treating depression or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Ongoing wars, interpersonal trauma, and serious life-threatening experiences”

Zackery Tedder, M.A., LPA - National Therapy Director
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